Pinskut is a national non-profit organisation which offers activities for children, youth, and families. At the core of our work are the Pinsku values: friendship, solidarity, freedom, humanity, equity, and community. We operate nationally in the Central organisation as well as in local, district, and regional level Pinskut organisations. Five large regional organisations (piiri) that cover the country include Southern Finland (Etelä-Suomi), Lakeland (Järvi-Suomi), Northern Finland (Pohjois-Suomi), Tavastia (Häme) and West Coast (Länsirannikko).  

What are Pinsku activities?

We organise various kinds of affordable activities such as camps, events, clubs, international youth exchanges, and youth leader trainings in all parts of Finland. Our activities are child-centred and aim to support the child’s natural learning process by using methods such as play, exploration, sport, and artistic expression.  

Would you like to participate in our activities in your area? For more information, please contact our International Affairs Officer Annimari Ollila.